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Our Favorite Syrah & Food Pairings

Welcome to part three of Syrah Season, our favorite Syrah and food pairings! We introduced  Syrah Season in January, and hopefully, you have discovered why this magnificent varietal is the cornerstone of our brand. In February, we shared our top three occasions paired with Donelan Syrah. As we approach the end of March, we want to share a few of our favorite Syrah and food pairings with you, because what is a wine without a delicious meal?

Gyros Paired with the 2015 Kobler Family Vineyard Syrah

This 2015 Kobler Family Vineyard Syrah is one of our most versatile. It can easily be enjoyed with a holiday dinner or with one our favorite take-out options — gyros! This is a wine that pairs well on so many different levels. With the first swirl you immediately get vibrancy and on the way down it is pure finesse. The white pepper, peppered-salami, and plum qualities paired with a Greek-style gyro is incredibly balanced from the first sip to the last bite. If you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting a gyro before, now is your chance! A Gyro is a classic Greek dish cooked with lamb, pork, or chicken all cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The creamy, refreshing flavor of the tzatziki sauce and the juicy flavor of the meat makes this and the Syrah the perfect duo for any day of the week.  

Sunday Roast Paired with the 2015 Cuveé Christine Syrah

Every summer spent on Nantucket Island, Sunday roast dinner is a family tradition. There’s not another Donelan Syrah we can think to pair it with other than the 2015 Cuvée Christine Syrah. Named after the matriarch of our family, this wine is refreshing and elegant. As the warm summer air roams over the glass, aromas of fig-paste, dates, and star anise hit the nose strong with an uplifting finish on the palate. The subtle flavor from the roast that we like to serve with foraged mushrooms or roasted potatoes is simple yet satisfying and the ultimate end to the week. The Cuvée Christine Syrah in combination with flavors from the dish creates a symphony of simple perfection.  

Pappardelle Ragù Paired with the 2013 Richards Family Vineyard Syrah

Last but certainly not least is a Syrah and food pairing that is ideal for a night in with the family, a dinner party, or a quiet night with nothing but the bowl, the bottle, and a good movie. We couldn’t leave you without a delectable pasta dish: Pappardelle Ragù paired with our 2013 Richards Family Syrah. The diverse, bold flavors serve an outcome of pure heaven. The Richards Syrah is the definition of sweet and savory. Notes of chocolate, truffle, and sage that all work together in the glass to give off the most balanced flavor possible. Whether you make your ragù with ground beef, turkey or veggies, they all speak to the potion of the Syrah. One bite of the melt-in-your-mouth pappardelle noodles and the luscious ragù with one sip of the Richards Syrah, we guarantee your eyes will roll back slowly as you let out a sigh and proceed to indulge until the bowl is empty.

We know your mouth is salivating – ours are too. While we won’t cook for you, we would love to host you for a tasting of these incredible Syrahs at our boutique winery in the heart of Sonoma County wine country.

Are you available on April 6? We’re having an open house! Join us in Santa Rosa at the winery from 12-3 pm. It will be an afternoon full of highly-rated wines, raffle prizes, wood-fired pizza, and more enjoyed with the Donelans, family, and friends. Cheers to Syrah Season!

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