Loyalty Program

Join our Loyalty Program!

While we will continue to offer our wines on an allocation basis, we have also added a loyalty program for our members who know they’re planning to buy 12 or more bottles in a year.

The standard commitment is simple:
6 bottles of wine during the Spring Release (choose from any available wines)
6 bottles of wine during the Fall Release (choose from any available wines)

However, you can customize this into whatever configuration best suits you. If you want to apply previous purchases as your release commitment, skip releases, etc., it’s 100% up to you.

You’re In Charge

Loyalty Program members have multiple options at release time:

  1. Login and select any 6+ bottles from among the wines available at the time of the release.
  2. Apply a previous purchase in lieu of the release
  3. Tell us in advance what you’d like in the release and we’ll pull those wines on release for you
  4. Take the default shipment (typically one of each featured wine in the release, including our limited production wines)
  5. Skip the release

We want to be completely flexible. The takeaway is that if you plan to buy a case or more of wine, it’s definitely in your best interest to join the Loyalty Program and get rewarded!

Get rewarded for every bottle you buy

Whether you add to your release order or buy other bottles throughout the year, the total bottles you purchase per calendar year determine your status level. As an additional perk, earn a higher status this year and enjoy the benefits of that tier for ALL of 2019 as well, as long as you remain an active club member.

Loyalty Program Perks

Membership in the Donelan Loyalty Program grants you access to the perks below. As a reminder, the total bottles you purchase per calendar year determine your status level — your commitment is never more than 12 bottles per year.

Even better: enjoy the benefits of the status you attain for all of the following calendar year, provided you remain an active member.

Loyalty Program Perks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be part of the Loyalty Program to get your wines? Absolutely not. If you’d rather not sign up, you’ll still get an allocation during our releases as you have in the past.

Do I have to pick a level to sign up for? Nope! Everyone’s commitment is the same — 12 bottles per year, with as much flexibility as you can imagine. What you purchase beyond that, if anything, is fully up to you.

If the commitment is only 12 bottles, how do I get access to Collector status or Obsidian status? Status is calculated based on total bottles of wine purchased in a calendar year. If you add bottles to your release order or make separate purchases throughout the year, every bottle counts toward achieving status.

I just bought my 24th bottle! When do my Collector status perks start? On your next purchase, and every purchase for the rest of this calendar year AND the following year, provided you remain an active club member.

Wait…so I get my benefits this year AND next year? Yes! We didn’t think it was fair for you to only get the perks of the membership for the remainder of the year, so, just like your airline status, for example, you carry your status level into the following year. As long as you remain an active club member, you get your status.

What if I make Collector or Obsidian status this year and don’t buy enough to qualify for the same level next year? That’s okay — it’s inevitable some times. You get your higher status perks throughout next year (e.g. – 2019) as long as you are an active member. Your status for the year after (e.g. – 2020) would be based on how much you purchased in the year leading up to it.

What is “perpetual pricing”? Perpetual pricing means you lock in current prices for the current release of each of our wines forever, provided you maintain that status level. While we have made a point to not raise our prices, inflation and rising cost of goods is inevitable and so this will likely happen at some point.

I want to be able to pick my own wines. Can I do that? Yes, absolutely! Before each release, you’ll have the ability to adjust the shipment however you would like from among all of the the wines we have available at that time. Or, as noted above, you can pre-select wines, apply previous purchases, skip shipments — we want you to be able to buy when and how you most would like to.

I don’t want to have to remember to modify my shipment every time, but I know the wines I want. Can I just have you send me the same set of wines each year? Yes! If, for example, you just want 6 bottles of Nancie Chardonnay every Spring, and 3 bottles of Obsidian Syrah and 3 bottles of Cuvee Moriah every Fall, we can set that up for you so that you never have to lift a finger.

I live on the East Coast and can’t take full advantage of some of the perks at the winery. Why should I join? Lots of reasons! Early access, the loyalty birthday offer, complimentary shipping and perpetual pricing, to name a few. We tried to design a program that would have meaningful benefits for everyone. Plus, our Open Houses and Winemaker Dinner gives you an excuse to plan a trip to California! We are also working on putting together exclusive dinners for East Coast members — stay tuned!

I’m moving and can’t deal with more wine coming in. Can I skip a shipment? You can skip one shipment without losing your current status level.