Our Top 3 Occasions Paired With Donelan Syrah

In our January blog, we introduced you to Syrah Season. Now, we’re back with part two of the series, and a pairing theme we’re particularly excited to share with you.

Now, take a moment to let your mind escape to a few of our favorite places. When we thought about what moments we enjoy wine the most, the trend was always with other people. We reminisced family vacations, summer days on the beach, game night with friends, wine tastings on the road, game days… it was a really fun trip down memory lane.

The only thing we haven’t pictured is the specific wine we’re all enjoying in these moments – a wine with a bouquet that immediately brings you into the present, bursting with fruit notes that carry through on the palate. May we suggest, Syrah?

Grilling on Nantucket Island

We’re eagerly awaiting warmer days, weekends on the boat, and most of all, enjoying sunsets with family and friends as the grandkids run around, laughter echoing throughout the calming air… Joe likes to cook his favorite, a grilled rack of lamb paired with the 2015 Kobler Family Vineyard Syrah. Once the sun lays to rest, we gather around the table under the starry sky, our mouths watering for a wine and food pairing that is exquisite for the taste buds. And let us tell you — there’s nothing quite like it. The Kobler’s peppered salami, plum, and currant notes are practically jumping out of the glass once you take that first bite of lamb. The tenderness, spiciness, and smokiness of the lamb practically melt in your mouth, immediately followed by a sip of the Kobler Syrah resulting in pure harmony.

Beach Days

There is something about the beach that resonates perfectly with who we are as a family. Calming, isolated yet welcoming, and simply wonderful. It’s a place where so many memories have been shared by our family and many of our closest friends – and now you. Whether it’s an overcast day or a sunny one with a slight, brisk breeze, the 2014 Cuvée Keltie Syrah is always our go-to. This Syrah is named after the oldest of the four Donelan children, Keltie. It screams dark fruits of blackberry and boysenberry—a perfect companion to a glorious array of cheese and charcuterie while reminiscing around the beach bonfire. The mouthfeel on this wine portrays patience, selection, and truly is the essence of who we are as individuals and why we chose Syrah as the cornerstone of our family brand.  


Taco Night With The Crew

We know how busy life can get. It’s important to us to make time to see our closest friends as much as possible—especially for taco night! One of our favorite things to do is bring out the classic board games, prepare savory BBQ pork tacos, and uncork a bottle of the 2015 Obsidian Vineyard Syrah to enjoy with the crew. These three components make for a perfect evening filled with laughs, sharing new and old stories, and living in the moment. If you haven’t had a chance to try the Obsidian Syrah, what are you waiting for? Not only is the wine itself expansive, chocolatey, and smooth, this estate vineyard is one that we are extremely proud of. It’s a bottle we love to share with our lifelong friends.

The list of occasions in which to enjoy a Donelan Syrah is endless, and every day presents itself with a new one to add to it. Whether you’re with family, on vacation, celebrating or creating new memories, be sure to pair your favorite occasion with one of our highly-rated and elegantly made Donelan Syrahs this Syrah Season.

If you find yourself in Santa Rosa, we invite you to visit us for a private tasting and experience a Syrah tasting of these wines and more.– we produce seven in total.

We’re also extremely excited to announce our 2019 Spring Release. Members of our Loyalty Program and email list have the opportunity to purchase all the Donelan Syrahs listed above, plus new release wines, and several other favorite Donelan varietals.

Thank you for being part of this wine journey with us. Cheers to Syrah Season!  

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