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The Donelan 2020 Spring Release Wines

With each Donelan release comes a new outlook, a new opportunity, and a chance to reflect. We take it as a time to give back with new wines and to thank our customers for supporting us on our journey. This spring release, we are excited to share six newly released wines along with a very special library wine, the 2013 Cuvée Christine Syrah. Our team is very excited about all our newly released vintages and hope you enjoy them with family and friends as much as we do.

2018 Kobler Viognier

Russian River made, 100% Viognier, and so versatile that the food pairing options are truly endless. Introducing the 2018 Kobler Family Vineyard Viognier — the perfect white wine to start our 2020 spring release lineup. On the tongue, it’s enticing with light, crisp notes of apricot and citrus, on the way down you taste hints of lush lavender and jasmine. It’s February in California and it’s already warming up, so trust us when we say you’ll want a few bottles of this in your cellar.

2016 Nancie Chardonnay

The 2016 Nancie Chardonnay is summer (and spring) in a glass. This wine comes from four vineyards and if you know our brand, then you know we love discovering new vineyard sites to grow our wine – that’s why this wine is so special to us. Not only is it named after Joe Donelan’s mother, the four vineyard sites from which it’s made makes it just that much more unique. It’s 100% Chardonnay and tastes like fresh melon, lemon tart, pie crust, and baking spices — a little sweet and a little savory. It pairs wonderfully with those chilled, end of winter evenings with friends and family as well as with seared scallops or lobster mac-and-cheese. The concluding combination will have your mouth-watering for days. 

2015 Cuvée Moriah Grenache Mourvédre and Syrah

The 2015 Donelan Cuveé Moriah Grenache Mourvedre Syrah is complex, bright, and a mouthful of broad, intense flavors. Each varietal plays its own role from the first sip to the finish. The Grenache lends to elegance and freshness, the Mourvédre is darker in nature which provides a contrast to the notes of spiced plum and herbs, and the Syrah polishes the final blend off with beautiful length. The pomegranate, kirsch, and blood orange flavors in this wine are what make it stand out from the rest. Try it with Moroccan cuisine and it will be hard not to fall in love with this wine.

2016 Kobler Family Syrah

Next up in our 2020 spring release is a wine nothing short of exquisite — from the vintage to the wine itself. This vintage was warmer which differs from the typical cool climate in which the Kobler Family Syrah is made. This bottle provides natural acidity and great balance between the Syrah and the 10% Viognier added. From notes of beautiful apricot stone fruit to white pepper and salami, this 2016 Syrah has a little bit of everything and a strong personality.  It’s an extremely versatile wine that you can pair with your holiday dinner or even just take-out gyros.


2016 Syrah Grande

The 2016 Syrah Grande made its debut last fall and is a wine that allows us to dig down to the micro-level of terroir. “The overall goal of this new wine is to encapsulate the vintage and to find unique blocks or pockets within vineyards that we currently work with,” says Winemaker, David Milner. This is a goal that stands from vintage to vintage. With the Grande, you receive a smokey nose of sweet plum and on the palate is fresh blueberries, pie crust, and blackberry cobbler — one glass and you’ll be dreaming of these flavors. Pair it with filet mignon and grilled Brussels sprouts.

2017 Cardiac Hill Syrah

We would like to introduce you to the newest wine in the Donelan portfolio, the 2017 Cardiac Hill Syrah. For ten years, Joe Donelan dreamed of, prayed for, and waited impatiently to obtain fruit from Cardiac Hill, so this Syrah holds a special place in his heart. This wine shares notes of fresh flowers, leather, and spice and pairs flawlessly with ribeye steak and root vegetables. If you love the outdoors as much as we do, the view from the top of Cardiac Hill is breathtaking in more ways than one — come visit and we’ll make the climb together. 

There you have it, six newly released wines just waiting to be placed on your table or in your cellar to eventually be shared with friends and family. As our 2020 journey begins and our vision becomes reality, we promise to not only seek out the best vineyards Mother Nature has to offer but to make only the most magnificent wine for you to enjoy. Cheers to the 2020 Donelan spring release

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