3 Reasons We Love Our Loyalty Program Members

Have you heard about the Donelan loyalty program? In 2018 we decided to launch a loyalty program that allowed every person who fell in love with our wines to have as many bottles as they wanted, whenever they wanted. It’s our commitment to giving back to the customers who have been constantly committed to Donelan Family Wines throughout the years. We could go on and on about how much we love our loyalty program members, but to save you some time we decided to point out our top 3 reasons why we love them so much. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them and for that, they deserve to be celebrated. 

1. They Know How to Have a Good Time

There’s an important rule of thumb when it comes to being a Donelan loyalty member — when you drink Donelan wines, pair them with great people, great food, and you get a great time! When you’re part of the family, that’s exactly what you get — whether it’s stopping at the winery for a tasting, sipping with us in your city, or posting your Donelan wine adventures on social media, there are always memories to be created and shared when Donelan wines are involved. Speaking of a good time, our Obsidian loyalty members receive complimentary tickets to our annual winemaker dinner! It’s an exclusive, interactive experience with our winemaker, David Milner, and the Donelan clan where you get to learn about the heart and soul that goes into our winemaking first-hand. 

2. They’ve Got Great Taste in Wine

When you’re part of the family you not only love Donelan wines, but you also have the same outlook on wine as we do. What matters most is where the wine comes from, quality over quantity, and finding passion in patience in order to get the very best result. Whether our loyalty program members connected with one of the Donelans, fell in love with our wine, or both, there’s a reason why they joined in the first place and at some point in time, Donelan wines made a difference in their lives. It’s more than just making great wine, it’s about making great wine that brings people together. 

While in some circles we might be known for our Syrahs, we offer a number of different varietals to our customers. From Viognier to Rosé to Pinot Noir, to Chardonnay, we have something for everyone. No one palate is the same and we take that very seriously when it comes to serving our loyalty program members. 

3. They’re Loyal! 

Loyalty goes a long way at Donelan Family Wines — loyalty to our commitment to making the best wine possible from the most distinct vineyards for our members, fans, and Donelan novices alike. We stay true to this commitment and as a result, we have gained incredible loyalty program members from coast to coast. As you may know, Joe Donelan grew up on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. This is where his commitment to making phenomenal wine and staying loyal to his passion was born and he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of it without exploring new relationships on the west coast. “I get to meet interesting people from all parts of the world. People that have some of the same passion I have for wine and discovering great places, so, to me, it’s all a journey”, Joe states.

Share the Donelan loyalty program with your friends and family and take advantage of our referral program — you get rewarded and so do they! With the holidays quickly approaching you can give the gift of our loyalty program. We can’t think of a better way to show someone you love them! And, for all of our loyalty program members, thank you for your constant support on this journey. Until our next glass of wine!

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