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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Memories and Must-Haves

We have a big family so Mother’s Day is a big holiday for us, and we love when our customers celebrate with Donelan Wines. That warm, sweet-smelling day in late spring is perfect for honoring, remembering, spoiling, and loving all the moms you know. That goes for your own Mom, Grandmother, Aunts, Sisters, in-laws, friends, your friends’ moms, your kids’ friends’ moms, etc. The list goes on forever and shows that our lives are touched by a mother’s love in one way or another. We’ve put together a collection of five Mother’s Day gift sets with red, white, rosé, library, limited, and unreleased wines.

Enjoy some special words and memories from our family or keep scrolling to shop our Gift Guide!


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The Donelan Moms

mother's day christine donelan

As the matriarch of the ever-growing Donelan crew, it’s nearly impossible these days to get a photo of Christine Donelan with all of her 4 kids, their spouses, and the 10+ grandkids. She’s pictured at the top of this blog with her daughters Moriah, Keltie, and daughter-in-law Caroline, all moms themselves. We asked sons Tripp and Cushing to describe their favorite qualities of Christine and their best memories with her.

 I wasn’t always easy and she’ll probably say the same about me now, but my mom has always been there for me no matter what. She’s also always one of the prettiest and smartest people in the room and can throw a great party, big or small. My favorite memory is when I called her and my father to tell them that Sarah and I were getting married.  They were at dinner with some friends and she asked me to repeat myself. I’m not sure if it was too loud at the table or if she was in shock or just didn’t believe me. As I tend to joke around most of the time. – Tripp Donelan

She effortlessly makes everyone feel warm and welcome, her taste is exquisite, her food delicious, and her decorating classic yet modern. She’s aged like a world-class wine! There are plenty of memories but I recall a lot of dance parties as a kid. We especially loved Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time. I was about 7yrs old and we would blast it in the car or at home. – Cushing Donelan

mother's day quote from caroline

Caroline is married to Cushing Donelan and together they have three kids: Genevieve, Hardy, and three-month-old Leo. Caroline has been a mom for 10 years now. We asked her if she has a favorite Mother’s Day or favorite gift she’s received.

You always remember your first! Gigi was just about 4 months old, still not sleeping much, and Cushing set me up to go to brunch and a massage at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica with two of my best friends, also new mothers. With tired eyes and full hearts, we bonded over the indescribable trials and joys of motherhood, a tradition that continued between the three of us for years. Last year Cushing surprised me with a beautiful gold bracelet with raw, edgy diamonds all around. He slipped it into my coat pocket for me to discover at brunch with my own mother!

Caroline loves having a relaxed Mother’s Day with her friends and then dinner with the kids. As a wife, mom of 3, and an attorney, Caroline does it all. Cushing gushes that “She is tireless when it comes to the kids and imparts thoughtful wisdom and energy as they go about their day. Especially with our new baby boy Leo, he’s been blessed with the best mom around. Caroline is a true warrior and has created some amazing children and moments!”


mother's day quote from sarah

Sarah is married to Tripp Donelan and they’re pictured above with their daughter Pierrine. With little Pierrine only 1.5 years old, Sarah says her first Mother’s Day will be hard to top (specifically her gift, which was getting her car washed) but she would love to spend it on the beach with family this year. Tripp says he loves that “No matter what the situation is, Sarah finds a solution and is always there. From the moment I met Sarah, I knew she was going to be a great wife and the best mother. She’s a very pretty, smart, and talented person. Some qualities I knew would be helpful when we decided to have a family.”

The Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A Gift For…

The Mom Who Has a Heart of Gold

This four-bottle set of white wines is named for a trait that every mother and mother figure has. No matter their role, these women lead with love in every step of life, embody compassion and integrity, and set an example of kindness for the children, siblings, and husbands who follow them. Our Heart of Gold gift set features the 2021 Kobler Viognier, 2020 Venus Roussanne-Viognier, limited-edition 2020 Native Chardonnay, plus a limited early release of our 2020 Nancie Chardonnay!

heart of gold mother's day gift set


A Gift For…

The Mom with the Rosy Disposition

This pack is for the Mom you know who emits bubbly, bright, contagious positivity. She always finds a silver lining, never lets anything dull her shine, and makes everyone around her see life through rosé-colored glasses. Our Rosy Disposition gift set includes six bottles and one magnum of our new 2022 Rosé.

rosy disposition mother's day gift set


A Gift For…

The Mom Who’s the Spice of Life

Our Spice of Life six-pack represents the variety of beauty and talent that mothers bring to our lives. It’s pretty standard for great Moms, Aunts, and Grandmothers to also be incredible cooks, active club members, volunteer coordinators, community leaders, dedicated coaches, talented gardeners, artists, and not to mention the working Moms. They truly do it all, and we can’t thank them enough. This gift pack includes one bottle each of 2022 Rosé, 2021 Rosé, 2019 Nancie Chardonnay, 2017 Christine Syrah, 2017 Cuvée Moriah, and 2017 Keltie Syrah.

spice of life mother's day gift set


A Gift For…

The Mom Who’s a Timeless Treasure

A four-pack of gracefully aging library wines for the Mom who epitomizes ‘never going out of style.’ We all have a Grandmother or know a Mom who’s timeless in everything she does, no matter the year, the trends, or the circumstances. She always talks, dresses, and acts with taste, style, and elegance. Enjoy four of our Timeless Treasure library wines; 2010 Christine Syrah, 2012 Cuvée Moriah, 2014 Keltie Syrah, and 2017 Nancie Chardonnay.

timeless treasure mother's day gift set


A Gift For…

The Mom Who’s the Leading Lady

Last but never least is our Leading Lady five-pack. This is a set for the Matriarch of your family or your friend group. It’s for the woman whom everyone looks to for wisdom, laughter, help, and a magnificent toast at the beginning of a meal. This pack features five 97+ point wines; 2014 Richards Syrah, 2014 Keltie Syrah, 2015 Genevieve’s Block Chardonnay, 2015 Cushing’s Block Pinot Noir, and 2016 Kobler Syrah.


leading lady mother's day gift set


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