Kobler Vineyard

Green Valley of the Russian River Valley

Located in a sub-appellation of the Russian River Valley known as Green Valley, Kobler Family Vineyard is a wonderful example of how producing wines of distinction sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Surrounded by Pinot noir and Chardonnay, the Koblers wanted to produce organically-grown Syrah in one of the coolest areas of the Russian River. On a slightly elevated ridge along the eastern boarder of Green Valley, the vineyard slopes gently to the west and its distinguishing climatic influences are cool temperatures, fog, and afternoon breezes.

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Kobler Vineyard


Kobler Green Valley vineyard exemplifies a place that cannot simply be gauged by numbers: the high temperatures are often very similar to other parts of the Russian River, so one must look deeper to explain the genesis of such savory aromas and low alcohol not often found in other RRV Syrahs. Due to the lower lying valley filling up with cool air in the evening, arriving at the high temperature in a given day may occur later, and with early evening cool breezes the high temperatures are quickly tempered relative to other areas. Therefore the hours of warmth the berries experience in the Green Valley vineyard are diminished and when this kind of small temperature variation is multiplied over an entire season of ripening you begin to have significant influence on physiological development and generate differences from other nearby areas (e.g. Walker Vine Hill) that on the surface have similar weather.

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Kobler Vineyard


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