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The House Palate Prevention Program

Call it the House Palate Prevention Program, call it the Palate Road Trip, call it the Donelan Wines Big Day Out. Call it a crisp fall day, post harvest, young wines entering the quiet stage, finishing slowly in barrel, and aging wines moving towards completion to be bottled next year. This time of year is […]

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Harvest Images: Sampling Wine Grapes

Sure, you’ve imagined what it must be like to be in a wine growing valley during harvest, but what does it really look like?  One common sight besides vines filled with Charonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah: dirty cars.  Wine growers drive from vineyard to vineyard collecting grapes to taste and analyze for ripeness.  With no time and […]

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Should wine producers make wine for a critic’s palate? High alcohol wine commentary.

This past year has seen many discussions on alcohol levels in wine and there has been ample criticism of “high alcohol” wines perceived to have been made to suit Robert Parker’s palate (among others’).  It strikes me that some have argued tacitly (if not explicitly) that wine OUGHT NOT to be made to suit so-in-so’s […]

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Get to know Donelan Wines winemaker Tyler Thomas

Thanks to NY Vintners for the time earlier this year to introduce people to our winemaker Tyler Thomas.  If you don’t love the content, you have to love the hair.

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