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Wine Structure: the basis for wine texture. #Donelanpedia

Donelanpedia: wine terms defined with cheeky alacrity. Structure: Architecture 4 wine texture, the wire all is hung on, the scaffolding, the bones 4 flesh; firm, supple, or missing?

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Donelan Wines 2009 Nancie Chardonnay Sonoma County

  Lately we have spent much of the mid-winter checking in on wines we made several years ago.  At times we are impatient to see how our Pinot Noir or Syrah or whatever develop because that information can inform what we do in the upcoming vintage (which is why we often taste verticals as harvest approaches).  It […]

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Donelan 2009 Two Brothers Pinot Noir: elegant, pretty, delicious.

  With the impending release and bottling of the 2011 Two Brothers Pinot Noir, I (Tyler) recently dipped into my allocation to enjoy our inaugural vintage: 2009.  The context was perfect: on a ski trip with a bunch of colleagues I have known since my genesis in this industry.  The perfect crowd for constructive critique […]

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Donelan Wines: Kobler Vineyard Syrah vertical 2003-2010

  Winemakers, what a life we live and what a job we have.  As harvest approaches we hope to continue to use this platform to help you understand exactly what it means to “make” wine.  Do we really just take Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or Syrah, or whatever, crush it and let it go?  Well, kind […]

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C.S. Lewis can Teach us about Writing a Wine Tasting Note.

  While reading C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian to my sons, I was struck by Lewis’s description of wine. It’s toward the end of the story; the big battle has been won and Aslan the great Lion King is touring the Narnian countryside with a singing, dancing, joyous Bacchus and his revelers freeing […]

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Use your nose to appreciate wine…and life!

How much you are using your nose?  Sure you’re breathing, but how often do you notice the aromas you encounter on a daily basis?  In the book Aroma: the cultural history of smell the authors make a compelling case that we have lost an appreciation for aromas in the West.  We’ve become a de-odorized culture.  […]

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