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Wine Social Media: fixing the information asymmetry?

It is hard to believe April is nearly over.  Where has the year gone?  Grapevine shoots are emerging in earnest and soon we will be in high gear assessing our Syrah, Pinot Noir, Grenache, Roussanne, and Chardonnay.  Another item we are assessing is the success of our blogging and social media interactions. This assessment is […]

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It is What It is, or what a tired sports cliché can teach us about tasting wine with a Critic

It is what it is. The use of this popular cliché swelled in sports only a few years ago.  I’ve heard it less recently (though “vanilla,” describing the unexciting nature of play calling or a baseball lineup, is on the rise to my dismay) but there was a period where “it is what it is” […]

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Donelan Harvest Wrap Up: Explaining 2011 Wine Harvest

Recently I came across a piece I wrote for Wines and Vines magazine a few years ago and caught a useful note for communicating the nature of the complex and challenging 2011 vintage. In the article I noted how I would like to see “thoughtful individuals engage the task of evolving a flexible set of […]

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Should wine producers make wine for a critic’s palate? High alcohol wine commentary.

This past year has seen many discussions on alcohol levels in wine and there has been ample criticism of “high alcohol” wines perceived to have been made to suit Robert Parker’s palate (among others’).  It strikes me that some have argued tacitly (if not explicitly) that wine OUGHT NOT to be made to suit so-in-so’s […]

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