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Vineyard on the Fog Line

As our Sonoma County vineyards enter the active phase of 2015 harvest (!!!), we spend a lot of time on the road. Vineyards are an aesthetic paradise – disappearing into the fog line and the sunlight, those neat rows that can have so much personality, from the taught and tidy to the lush and unruly. […]

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Hens & Chicks & Harvests

This is a hen:   This is a chick:     And this, is millerandage – or, “shatter” in a Sonoma County vineyard:   Grapevines are self-pollinating, which means that they rely entirely on the short window of time in which they flower to successfully fertilize and begin normal development of a seed. If conditions […]

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Good Things Come In . . .

. . . thousands of packages, of course! Even while we’re busy finishing blends, while we’re checking on vineyards, while we’re planning out the next harvest, the cycle must keep going. Wines must be bottled. Three to four times a year, a semi-truck pulls up in front of the winery, I put on a ball […]

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This Just In: Crop Estimates

It’s time for crop estimates in Sonoma’s vineyards. Nothing could sound less exciting than “crop estimates,” right? It sounds like some kind of Excel nightmare. It definitely has something to do with spreadsheets, but for us it’s the first peek at the vintage to come. It’s when we discover what kind of fruit we’ll be […]

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Flower Power in Sonoma Vineyards

Winemakers are an excitable species. We like to enthusiastically declare “this is the most exciting time of year!” …. several times a year. Not everyone is so unabashed in their outbursts. I’ve come across the handful of us who hate harvest, which is understandable given the way it saps the life out of you and […]

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Freezing water to protect from frost? You bet.

  It is frost season and this past week has seen some cold mornings.  While I don’t like to see all the water used to protect grapevines from frost, it does make for some great scenery as I drive to work.  You might wonder how it is water works to protect your grapevine shoots from […]

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Donelan Video: How do you discover a great vineyard?

How is it that we know that a vineyard will produce exceptional grapes and terrific wine?  Our winemaker Tyler Thomas provides some principles that we utilize when scouring Sonoma County for the best new terroirs.

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