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A Winemaking Philosophy: Guest Post by Tyler Thomas, Donelan Wines

  Our winemaker, Tyler Thomas, posts again as a guest on the notable wine blog Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews.  Tyler describes the personal winemaking philosophy developed over time, as a result of many wine experiences culminating in our approach at Donelan Wines. While obtaining a B.S. and M.S. in Botany and Plant Molecular Biology, I […]

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Creative process? Yes. Art? No. Why Fine Wine is not Fine Art

  This was original published for Wines and Vines (July 2010, copyright Wines and Vines). I (Tyler) have always wanted to be an artist. I greatly admire talent that can morph a concept into visual allegory, or capture a natural detail and evoke emotion and wonder for days on end. I don’t have a favorite […]

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Donelan Pinot Noir: great vineyards deft approach

The 2012 Harvest is here! We are beginning to harvest our first Pinot Noir of the season.  In this video our winemaker Tyler Thomas describes the approach behind our Two Brothers Pinot Noir.  Enjoy! Find out more about Donelan Wines.

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How long and why might we age wine?

Whether you are drinking Pinot, Chardonnay, Syrah, or whatever wine you prefer we frequently get asked “should I age this wine or can I drink it now?” Or “how long will your wines age?”  Donelan Winemaker Tyler Thomas attempts to tackle those questions in this video:

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Donelan Wines Chardonnay: energy, precision, and texture.

We believe great Chardonnay is about great texture and energy.  Therefore we seek out sites in Sonoma County that are going to engender those characteristics into the wine.

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Donelan Video: Venus White Rhone Blend, Roussanne and Viognier

  It is Spring!  And there is no time better than now to begin drinking the Donelan Venus Roussanne in earnest.  The 2010 was just released, please enjoy this description from our winemaker Tyler Thomas of how Venus is produced and click here to find out more.

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Video: Meet Joe Donelan founder of Donelan Family Wines

Joe Donelan embarked in the wine business because he loves people and wine. Learn more about his passion and our journey as Donelan Family Wines and please join our community of fans today.

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Donelan Video: Winemaker Tyler Thomas discusses sustainable wine.

Donelan Winemaker Tyler Thomas discusses with Vinecrowd what exactly sustainability means to the Donelan team.  Discover more about our wines by joining the Donelan community today.

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Social Media in the Wine World: poor customer engagement?

I (Tyler) wonder whether the growing concern with the wine industry’s slow adoption of social media is a social media problem per se, or a historic problem of poor customer engagement.  Kid Napa does a good job summarizing a recent discussion on the issue, though it also has been tackled directly by others such as […]

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Donelan Video: Tasting Donelan Obsidian Syrah at Obsidian Vineyard

Here is some unedited video of a tasting Donelan Winemaker Tyler Thomas did with the folks from Vinecrowd.  Learn about what makes this wine so special, how to open a wax bottle, and how well this wine will age.  Join the Donelan Community now, its free! Originally filmed for Vinecrowd.

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