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Donelan Wines 2009 Nancie Chardonnay Sonoma County

  Lately we have spent much of the mid-winter checking in on wines we made several years ago.  At times we are impatient to see how our Pinot Noir or Syrah or whatever develop because that information can inform what we do in the upcoming vintage (which is why we often taste verticals as harvest approaches).  It […]

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Donelan 2009 Two Brothers Pinot Noir: elegant, pretty, delicious.

  With the impending release and bottling of the 2011 Two Brothers Pinot Noir, I (Tyler) recently dipped into my allocation to enjoy our inaugural vintage: 2009.  The context was perfect: on a ski trip with a bunch of colleagues I have known since my genesis in this industry.  The perfect crowd for constructive critique […]

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Donelan Pinot Noir: great vineyards deft approach

The 2012 Harvest is here! We are beginning to harvest our first Pinot Noir of the season.  In this video our winemaker Tyler Thomas describes the approach behind our Two Brothers Pinot Noir.  Enjoy! Find out more about Donelan Wines.

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Pinot Noir: a thin veil over your vineyard and winemaking.

  I once heard it said that if you want your heartbroken make Pinot Noir.  I think the wine’s delicacy is a thin veil over vineyard quality and skilled management.  Winemakers repeatedly give people the impression that Pinot Noir is one of the hardest grapes to grow and produce.  How true is this?  Is Pinot […]

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Perli Vineyard Pinot Noir: Farming in North Coast Wilderness

  One of the best parts of our job is that we are required to drive to beautiful places and meet interesting people in order to produce incredible wine.  At Donelan, we are primarily concerned with finding a tremendous site, period.  We will worry afterward whether it is in a convenient AVA, easy to get […]

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Donelan Video: How do you discover a great vineyard?

How is it that we know that a vineyard will produce exceptional grapes and terrific wine?  Our winemaker Tyler Thomas provides some principles that we utilize when scouring Sonoma County for the best new terroirs.

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Donelan Recipes: Risotto and Shrimp paired with Cuvee Moriah

Risotto is like winemaking.  I love preparing dishes that provide flexibility and freedom within a standard framework.  Cooking is not unlike winemaking, where principles are applied similarly to each variety and vintage.  But within each vintage or variety, there is plenty of room for creativity and nuances based on the producer’s choices.  Risotto is such […]

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Traveling with Tripp: whereabouts of Donelan’s Director of Sales Tripp Donelan

  In this series we will track the whereabouts of our intrepid traveler Tripp Donelan.  Based in Healdsburg, CA Tripp’s office is really his suitcase + laptop + Blackberry.  Think the life romantic?  Follow Tripp’s adventures, dining, tastings, and sightings.  While the production team was busy with harvest in October and November, Tripp was on […]

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