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Harvest Winery Internship 2013

At Donelan Wines, harvest is an opportunity to open our doors to eager, hardworking individuals who want to learn more about winemaking and to be exposed to some exciting terroirs in northern California.  Every year we hire a few harvest interns to participate in the many facets of the winemaking process.  We are happy to […]

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Acidity in wine: compounds that give pucker to life. #Donelanpedia

Donelanpedia: wine terms defined with cheeky alacrity. Acidity:  compounds that give pucker to life.  Backbone of wine, too little = fat, too much = sour, right amount = supple balance.

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Introducing Donelanpedia: a cheeky attempt to define wine terms.

  We are starting a series we call Donelanpedia: wine terms defined. To get things started, how about Donelanpedia! Donelanpedia: a cheeky attempt to define wine terms in 140 characters or less. Send terms our way, we’ll become your winopedia.

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2013 vintage well on its way, stage set for great wine quality!

  Here we go again.  The seasonality of producing wine is one of its most attractive elements.  As a former Donelan intern once said “it’s a grape’s world and we’re just living in it.”  Buds have broken, shoots and leaves are extending (at great speed with this heat!), and another vintage is on its way.  […]

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The Donelan’s to pour at Wally’s Wine in LA

  Come say hello, meet proprietors Joe and Cushing Donelan along with winemaker Tyler Thomas this Saturday in Los Angeles at Wally’s Wine.  As part of Wally’s weekly Saturday tastings you’ll be able to taste our wonderful portfolio of Chardonnay, Roussanne, Pinot Noir, Grenache and Syrah wines.  Enjoy multiple wines, get questions answered, and experience […]

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Donelan Wines 2009 Nancie Chardonnay Sonoma County

  Lately we have spent much of the mid-winter checking in on wines we made several years ago.  At times we are impatient to see how our Pinot Noir or Syrah or whatever develop because that information can inform what we do in the upcoming vintage (which is why we often taste verticals as harvest approaches).  It […]

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Donelan 2011 Obsidian Syrah: a beautiful wine in waiting.

  Once our Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or whatever wine reach the aging cellar, our hope is to do nothing to them except employ patience and blending.  At times however, a good racking is in order if only to Marry various components together sooner rather than later.  Racking is a process of removing wine from […]

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A Winemaking Philosophy: Guest Post by Tyler Thomas, Donelan Wines

  Our winemaker, Tyler Thomas, posts again as a guest on the notable wine blog Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews.  Tyler describes the personal winemaking philosophy developed over time, as a result of many wine experiences culminating in our approach at Donelan Wines. While obtaining a B.S. and M.S. in Botany and Plant Molecular Biology, I […]

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The Humanness of Winemaking: Faith, Hope, and Love as the core of Life and Wine: Guest Post by Tyler Thomas

  This week our winemaker, Tyler Thomas, will be posting two pieces as a guest on the notable blog Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews.  The first reflects on the humanness of winemaking: One of the elements of winemaking I enjoy is how its production employs our humanness.  This topic is difficult and very broad so I’ll […]

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Creative process? Yes. Art? No. Why Fine Wine is not Fine Art

  This was original published for Wines and Vines (July 2010, copyright Wines and Vines). I (Tyler) have always wanted to be an artist. I greatly admire talent that can morph a concept into visual allegory, or capture a natural detail and evoke emotion and wonder for days on end. I don’t have a favorite […]

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