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The House Palate Prevention Program

Call it the House Palate Prevention Program, call it the Palate Road Trip, call it the Donelan Wines Big Day Out. Call it a crisp fall day, post harvest, young wines entering the quiet stage, finishing slowly in barrel, and aging wines moving towards completion to be bottled next year. This time of year is […]

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Vineyard on the Fog Line

As our Sonoma County vineyards enter the active phase of 2015 harvest (!!!), we spend a lot of time on the road. Vineyards are an aesthetic paradise – disappearing into the fog line and the sunlight, those neat rows that can have so much personality, from the taught and tidy to the lush and unruly. […]

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Good Things Come In . . .

. . . thousands of packages, of course! Even while we’re busy finishing blends, while we’re checking on vineyards, while we’re planning out the next harvest, the cycle must keep going. Wines must be bottled. Three to four times a year, a semi-truck pulls up in front of the winery, I put on a ball […]

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Flower Power in Sonoma Vineyards

Winemakers are an excitable species. We like to enthusiastically declare “this is the most exciting time of year!” …. several times a year. Not everyone is so unabashed in their outbursts. I’ve come across the handful of us who hate harvest, which is understandable given the way it saps the life out of you and […]

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Acidity in wine: compounds that give pucker to life. #Donelanpedia

Donelanpedia: wine terms defined with cheeky alacrity. Acidity:  compounds that give pucker to life.  Backbone of wine, too little = fat, too much = sour, right amount = supple balance.

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Donelan grapevine flowering: how spring impacts the way your wine tastes.

  This Spring in the vineyards is springing with incredible alacrity.  It now seems it will not be long before we’ll be sampling vineyards of Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah!  We’ve written of bud break, and the next major development in grapevines related to harvest and wine is flowering. Very simply flowering is the period […]

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Flowering: when, what and how. No insects needed. #Donelanpedia

Donelanpedia: wine terms defined with cheeky alacrity. Flowering: 6-8 wks after budbreak grapevine’s perfect flowers undress losing petals creating “cap fall”. No insects needed for sex.

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Alochol in Wine: what is it exactly? #Donelanpedia

Donelanpedia: wine terms defined. Alcohol: Byproduct of yeast’s desire to be inefficient sugar consumers, & as a chemical in your brain requires government warning.

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Introducing Donelanpedia: a cheeky attempt to define wine terms.

  We are starting a series we call Donelanpedia: wine terms defined. To get things started, how about Donelanpedia! Donelanpedia: a cheeky attempt to define wine terms in 140 characters or less. Send terms our way, we’ll become your winopedia.

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The Donelan’s to pour at Wally’s Wine in LA

  Come say hello, meet proprietors Joe and Cushing Donelan along with winemaker Tyler Thomas this Saturday in Los Angeles at Wally’s Wine.  As part of Wally’s weekly Saturday tastings you’ll be able to taste our wonderful portfolio of Chardonnay, Roussanne, Pinot Noir, Grenache and Syrah wines.  Enjoy multiple wines, get questions answered, and experience […]

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