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Donelan 2011 Obsidian Syrah: a beautiful wine in waiting.

  Once our Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or whatever wine reach the aging cellar, our hope is to do nothing to them except employ patience and blending.  At times however, a good racking is in order if only to Marry various components together sooner rather than later.  Racking is a process of removing wine from […]

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Donelan Wines: Obsidian Syrah Vertical 2006-2010

  The 2012 Obsidian Vineyard Syrah harvest is here!  As we recently articulated would you believe tasting verticals, the same wine over several vintages, helps you make better wine?  At Donelan we believe the best wines are not made but discovered.  We work with 14 different vineyards, make 4 single vineyard Syrahs (and maybe a Pinot soon!), […]

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Why we might add Viognier to Syrah Wine.

  I have worked with Syrah most of my career, and one of the remaining unanswered questions: what is the origin of people adding Viognier to Syrah.  Most responses correctly explain that adding Viognier to Syrah has its roots in Cote Rotie of the Northern Rhone where they are allowed to add up to 20% […]

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Wind and Wine: how breezes make the Obsidian Syrah Terroir

  We have noted previously how we identify great sites for making terrific wine.  One important element in this land of sunshine and dry weather?  Wind.  For many decades it was difficult for vine researchers to distinguish the impact of sun vs. heat.  You see, a dark grape receiving direct sunlight in the middle of […]

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Donelan Video: How do you discover a great vineyard?

How is it that we know that a vineyard will produce exceptional grapes and terrific wine?  Our winemaker Tyler Thomas provides some principles that we utilize when scouring Sonoma County for the best new terroirs.

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Video: Grapevine pruning on the Obsidian Vineyard Syrah

Here is a quick instruction from Donelan Winemaker Tyler Thomas on how we prune grapevines.  Notice how beautiful the weather is!  What a winter we have been having here in northern California!  Learn more about Donelan Wines by joining our community

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Donelan Video: Tasting Donelan Obsidian Syrah at Obsidian Vineyard

Here is some unedited video of a tasting Donelan Winemaker Tyler Thomas did with the folks from Vinecrowd.  Learn about what makes this wine so special, how to open a wax bottle, and how well this wine will age.  Join the Donelan Community now, its free! Originally filmed for Vinecrowd.

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Single Vineyard Wines and Blends: is one better than another?

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