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Why we might add Viognier to Syrah Wine.

  I have worked with Syrah most of my career, and one of the remaining unanswered questions: what is the origin of people adding Viognier to Syrah.  Most responses correctly explain that adding Viognier to Syrah has its roots in Cote Rotie of the Northern Rhone where they are allowed to add up to 20% […]

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Wine Social Media: fixing the information asymmetry?

It is hard to believe April is nearly over.  Where has the year gone?  Grapevine shoots are emerging in earnest and soon we will be in high gear assessing our Syrah, Pinot Noir, Grenache, Roussanne, and Chardonnay.  Another item we are assessing is the success of our blogging and social media interactions. This assessment is […]

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Video: Meet Joe Donelan founder of Donelan Family Wines

Joe Donelan embarked in the wine business because he loves people and wine. Learn more about his passion and our journey as Donelan Family Wines and please join our community of fans today.

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Less water into wine? Improving our water use efficiency.

  Quality to Donelan means we try to do everything well, including our conservation. It is frost season and in the morning you can see overhead sprinklers running all over the valley to protect swollen buds from damage.  Water use in California is a hot button topic and the wine industry will play a critical […]

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Donelan Wines Video: our philosophy of wine production.

Learn a bit about our approach and how we think we can make better wine. A production of Donelan Wines and Smiling Tiger Video

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Donelan Harvest Wrap Up: Explaining 2011 Wine Harvest

Recently I came across a piece I wrote for Wines and Vines magazine a few years ago and caught a useful note for communicating the nature of the complex and challenging 2011 vintage. In the article I noted how I would like to see “thoughtful individuals engage the task of evolving a flexible set of […]

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