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Hens & Chicks & Harvests

This is a hen:   This is a chick:     And this, is millerandage – or, “shatter” in a Sonoma County vineyard:   Grapevines are self-pollinating, which means that they rely entirely on the short window of time in which they flower to successfully fertilize and begin normal development of a seed. If conditions […]

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Off-Season Sounds of a Winery

In a winery, the off-season sounds like the forklift charger’s occasional, throaty buzz in the quiet cellar. The barrel room door’s sharp snap as it shuts and closes. A pallet jacket rumbling across the cement floors. The ubiquitous winery sound of steel on steel – a metal bucket clanging against a tank. These sounds all […]

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A Winemaking Philosophy: Guest Post by Tyler Thomas, Donelan Wines

  Our winemaker, Tyler Thomas, posts again as a guest on the notable wine blog Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews.  Tyler describes the personal winemaking philosophy developed over time, as a result of many wine experiences culminating in our approach at Donelan Wines. While obtaining a B.S. and M.S. in Botany and Plant Molecular Biology, I […]

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Creative process? Yes. Art? No. Why Fine Wine is not Fine Art

  This was original published for Wines and Vines (July 2010, copyright Wines and Vines). I (Tyler) have always wanted to be an artist. I greatly admire talent that can morph a concept into visual allegory, or capture a natural detail and evoke emotion and wonder for days on end. I don’t have a favorite […]

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Donelan Wine Harvest: Why harvest at night?

  One increasingly common practice at harvest is the night pick.  Night harvest are really a win win for vineyard and winery.  That is of course if you exlude the fact that all parties involved lose sleep, but we lose so much sleep anyway during harvest than another few hours doesn’t seem to matter. I […]

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The off-harvest season still impacts Donelan wine quality

  “What exactly are you doing in the cellar this time of year” is a frequent question received from fans.  It is true that once our Syrah or Grenache or Pinot or Chardonnay head to barrel we trust all that is left to do is wait and blend.  Blending surely is something we spend a […]

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Donelan Video: The virtues of Obsidian Vineyard Syrah from Donelan Wines

  Obsidian Vineyard Syrah wine is produced from one of the most unique terroirs we cultivate.  Learn a little more about the vineyard and the wine with this description from winemaker Tyler Thomas.  Obsidian sells through fast so be sure to join our community to find out more.

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The way to improve your wine? Sensory Science and Humility

  “Those who utilize sensory science make better wine.”  I recently recalled this matter of fact phrase once made by my sensory science professor during a lecture. What did she mean by that, and why did she phrase it in that “this is truth” manner?  Was she suggesting that if you wear lab coats, conduct […]

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Video: Meet Joe Donelan founder of Donelan Family Wines

Joe Donelan embarked in the wine business because he loves people and wine. Learn more about his passion and our journey as Donelan Family Wines and please join our community of fans today.

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Less water into wine? Improving our water use efficiency.

  Quality to Donelan means we try to do everything well, including our conservation. It is frost season and in the morning you can see overhead sprinklers running all over the valley to protect swollen buds from damage.  Water use in California is a hot button topic and the wine industry will play a critical […]

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