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Donelan Harvest Images: The Punch Down of Pinot Noir

During fermentation, the massive production of carbon dioxide sends the skins and stems we leave in red wine ferments floating to the top (pictured left).  All those elements have goodness that we want to extract from them and as a result we need to work to submerge and mix them with the warm Syrah, or […]

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Donelan Wines Video: The Why and How of a Punch Down

Learn about why we mix fermenting wine with a punch down.  Enjoy! A production of Donelan Wines and Smiling Tiger Video

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Crushed Chronicles – notes from the interns: harvest in full swing.

Think you want to work a harvest?  Want to find out what that really means?  Follow our intern, Sarah Green, as she chronicles her experience as a first time cellar rat.  This entry highlights processing fruit and punching down fermenting wine. I’ve been dreaming of grapes, tanks, and destemmers, but mostly destemmers. The cellar seems […]

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