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The off-harvest season still impacts Donelan wine quality

  “What exactly are you doing in the cellar this time of year” is a frequent question received from fans.  It is true that once our Syrah or Grenache or Pinot or Chardonnay head to barrel we trust all that is left to do is wait and blend.  Blending surely is something we spend a […]

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Donelan Wines Video: The Why and How of a Punch Down

Learn about why we mix fermenting wine with a punch down.  Enjoy! A production of Donelan Wines and Smiling Tiger Video

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Can you make wine without intervening? Revisiting hands off winemaking.

As harvest descends upon us in Sonoma County and we begin shepherding yeast to produce wine we turn our attention to the idea of intervention in winemaking. Wineries frequently advertise minimalist winemaking, gentle handling, little to no intervention, and a hands off approach as methods for producing wines of terroir.  This assumes that little to […]

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