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The way to improve your wine? Sensory Science and Humility

  “Those who utilize sensory science make better wine.”  I recently recalled this matter of fact phrase once made by my sensory science professor during a lecture. What did she mean by that, and why did she phrase it in that “this is truth” manner?  Was she suggesting that if you wear lab coats, conduct […]

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Donelan Wines Video: Pressing Grapes After Fermentation

Once our Syrah, Grenache, or Pinot Noir fermentations are nearing completion and the wine has the right taste, red wine is pressed of its skins and into barrel. Video is a production of Donelan Wines and Smiliing Tiger Video

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Crushed Chronicles – notes from the interns: Harvest is boot camp for taste buds.

Think you want to work a harvest?  Want to find out what that really means?  Follow our intern, Sarah Green, as she chronicles her experience as a first time cellar rat.  This entry highlights the experience of her taste buds. Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time with our ferments. It’s like working at […]

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In defense of Vanilla…ice cream.

One of the beauties of this job is that Joe Donelan not only gives us the freedom to take the initiative in winemaking to deliver the quality he looks for, but he allows us to opine about things that bemuse us – wine, of course, or anything else. We are all multifaceted people and as […]

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