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From the Archives: Intern Reflections

Every year, we ask our interns to write about their experience of harvest at Donelan Wines. Here is a message in a bottle from Derek Plance, 2013 Harvest Intern:   Harvest is where hard work, a lot of hurry up, and occasionally a bit of waiting, make up a very special time of the year […]

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Donelan Harvest Images: Pressing Pinot Noir and Syrah Fermentaions

In this continuing series of harvest images, here are a couple sights in the cellar from pressing red fermenations of Syrah and Pinot Noir.  The process is fairly straightforward, use a pump to drain any wine that comes freely from the tank.Then, to unlock the rest of the wine still soaked in the skins, we […]

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Donelan Harvest Images: The Punch Down of Pinot Noir

During fermentation, the massive production of carbon dioxide sends the skins and stems we leave in red wine ferments floating to the top (pictured left).  All those elements have goodness that we want to extract from them and as a result we need to work to submerge and mix them with the warm Syrah, or […]

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The off-harvest season still impacts Donelan wine quality

  “What exactly are you doing in the cellar this time of year” is a frequent question received from fans.  It is true that once our Syrah or Grenache or Pinot or Chardonnay head to barrel we trust all that is left to do is wait and blend.  Blending surely is something we spend a […]

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Why we might add Viognier to Syrah Wine.

  I have worked with Syrah most of my career, and one of the remaining unanswered questions: what is the origin of people adding Viognier to Syrah.  Most responses correctly explain that adding Viognier to Syrah has its roots in Cote Rotie of the Northern Rhone where they are allowed to add up to 20% […]

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The Purple Hands of Donelan Wines

It takes a lot of hand work to make great wine. Excellent vineyards, sensible decisions, time, cuts, and bruises all help deliver that Donelan goodness.  As a new season begins to enter full swing we offer this reflection on the purple hands that handled the 2011 vintage. Enjoy! Music with permission of New Jerusalem Music

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Crushed Chronicles – notes from the interns: Pressing a red wine fermentation.

  Think you want to work a harvest?  Want to find out what that really means?  Follow our intern, Sarah Green, as she chronicles her experience as a first time cellar rat.  This entry highlights hand stain-inducing task of pressing. This is it. Literally – the bottom of the barrel. We have pressed the last […]

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Donelan Wines Video: Processing Wine Grapes after Harvest

After Donelan wine grapes are plucked from the vine, then what?  This video highlights our approach to the fruit once it arrives in the winery. Video is a production of Donelan Wines and Smiliing Tiger Video

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Donelan Wines Video: The Why and How of a Punch Down

Learn about why we mix fermenting wine with a punch down.  Enjoy! A production of Donelan Wines and Smiling Tiger Video

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