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Donelan Wax-Topped Bottles: are they that easy to open? Yes!

We enjoy the refined and elegant appearance of our wax-topped Donelan Syrah, Pinot Noir, or Grenache, but we don’t want you to be intimidated to open them.  Wine Director Gianpaolo Paterlini of Acquerello Restaurant in SF makes a guest appearance to show how easy it is!

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Under-appreciated Value: Donelan Cuvee Christine Syrah and Buffalo Tenderloin

  Sometimes I wonder if I love our Cuvee Christine Syrah too much.  It may be one of our most underappreciated wines.  Several people thoroughly enjoy it, but I wonder why not more.  Cuvee Christine, our quintessential Sonoma County Syrah offering, bridges the gap between new and old world so well; taking advantage of California’s sunshine […]

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Donelan Wines Syrah Cuvees: The difference between Keltie and Christine

Today we are bottling the 2009 Cuvee Kelite Syrah!  This video is a brief description of what makes Cuvee Christie and Cuvee Keltie, both 100% Syrah and 100% Sonoma County, different wines:

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