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Video: Meet Joe Donelan founder of Donelan Family Wines

Joe Donelan embarked in the wine business because he loves people and wine. Learn more about his passion and our journey as Donelan Family Wines and please join our community of fans today.

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Social Media and Wine: Help People Make Decisions!

The last three weeks of my (Tyler) participation in the social media dialogue within the wine industry has turned amusing.  I greatly appreciate all the reweets, mentions, and links and am pleased to think that we might be contributing interesting content to the discussion.  What amuses me and what should be instructive to other wineries […]

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Engaging consumers of the wine world: social media only part of the answer.

In a recent post I summarized some dialogue about the wine industry’s slow adoption of social media.  Many speak of the need for engagement, and I wondered if the problem lays less in social media per se, and more in a general lack of appreciation for customer engagement. We need to serve, not just produce. […]

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