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Creative Inspiration for Wine Blending

April showers have given way to the new growing season and for me, it’s a chance to dust off my green-thumb and create the gardens I have daydreamed about all winter. At the winery, this time coincides with a new season of wine blending trials for the 2014 vintage.  I find myself thinking about these […]

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The way to improve your wine? Sensory Science and Humility

  “Those who utilize sensory science make better wine.”  I recently recalled this matter of fact phrase once made by my sensory science professor during a lecture. What did she mean by that, and why did she phrase it in that “this is truth” manner?  Was she suggesting that if you wear lab coats, conduct […]

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Sound Influences Taste: How we can be better and humble winemakers

  One of things I always thought remarkable about wine was its employment of four out of five senses all at once.  Sight, smell, touch, and taste.  But it is becoming increasingly apparent that I need to go ahead and add hearing to the list.  I suppose you could listen to bubbles emerging from great […]

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Crushed Chronicles: The life of wine is a game of Tetris

Want to find out what a wine grape harvest really is?  Follow our intern, Sarah Green, as she chronicles her experience as a first time cellar rat.  This entry highlights how winemaking can be much like a game of Tetris. There is a list of things I would never have expected about wineries. At the […]

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Donelan Wines Syrah Cuvees: The difference between Keltie and Christine

Today we are bottling the 2009 Cuvee Kelite Syrah!  This video is a brief description of what makes Cuvee Christie and Cuvee Keltie, both 100% Syrah and 100% Sonoma County, different wines:

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Single Vineyard Wines and Blends: is one better than another?

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