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Our first estate vineyard, Obsidian is one of the most unique places we cultivate. A 30+ year old vineyard that grows on a steep perch rising above the Franz Valley floor in Knights Valley, Obsidian seems to want for water even amid rainstorms. While one of our warmest sites, it is also our most free draining soil (i.e. almost pure rock) leading to extreme low vigor, and wine of mystery and complexity. The vines struggle mightily to produce canes and leaves. The berries are tiny and, without dropping any fruit, yields are unbelievably low and flavor concentration ethereal.

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Obsidian Vineyard


The challenge in farming this old vine, rocky vineyard is managing its variability. Starting in 2008 we made greater efforts to isolate sections of the Syrah vineyard so each could be micromanaged according to its needs. Furthermore, harvest timing and fermentations were all based on natural vineyard variability to capture only the best of the best.

When referring to the Obsidian Syrah I have often said that if black had a smell, this would be it. And it is not just jet black obsidian rock the vines call home. The wine is dark and mysterious with tremendous intensity and tannin. This Syrah is often characterized by dark fruit, tobacco, and aromas that recall wet stones after a quick rainstorm.

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Obsidian Vineyard


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