Wine is a Journey not a Destination


Our journey began not with the grafting of a vine or the crushing of a grape but with a philosophy: quality second to none. From that pursuit we strive to create a quality wine that pleases the palate, heart and mind. In each step of the process, we learn, grow and adapt to the changes in a vintage, and each one places us in the delicate tussle between farmer and land. Each vintage changes, challenges, and reconfigures our previously held beliefs as part of the evolution and continuation of man’s journey as stewards of the land. The more we work with a property, the more we can define it. It is the vineyard that teaches us restraint.

In the cellar, we watch over and guide the process from grape berry to wine. As stewards of the wine, vine and fermentation, we are the conductors of the symphony. Each varietal contributes its own temperament, each vineyard its own timbre, each vine its own instrument and each berry its own specific wave length. We conduct these elements to create a rapid, but very soft, pianissimo, Chardonnay or Roussanne. Or perhaps a slow, strong and loud, fortissimo, Syrah. We let the wine speak. We guide it though its journey and create symphonies, quartets, and solos. This pursuit is a journey of learning, fellowship, pleasure, and fun.

In the words of Joe Donelan, though some famous old poet may have said it before and some famous old poet before him, “[We take] the road less traveled.”*

We are students of wine and the pursuit of quality is our journey. Will we ever stop learning?


What’s your journey?

*The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost