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Donelan Richards Vineyard Syrah: limited and exquisite wine

We are nearing harvest for the Richards Vineyard Syrah.  This vineyard produces one of the more unique Syrah in California.  A limited wine that Steve Heimoff of the Wine Enthusiast called “easily the greatest Syrah ever produced from Sonoma Valley (97 points).”  Enjoy this description: Learn more about the Richards Syrah.

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Donelan Pinot Noir: great vineyards deft approach

The 2012 Harvest is here! We are beginning to harvest our first Pinot Noir of the season.  In this video our winemaker Tyler Thomas describes the approach behind our Two Brothers Pinot Noir.  Enjoy! Find out more about Donelan Wines.

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How long and why might we age wine?

Whether you are drinking Pinot, Chardonnay, Syrah, or whatever wine you prefer we frequently get asked “should I age this wine or can I drink it now?” Or “how long will your wines age?”  Donelan Winemaker Tyler Thomas attempts to tackle those questions in this video:

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Donelan Wines Chardonnay: energy, precision, and texture.

We believe great Chardonnay is about great texture and energy.  Therefore we seek out sites in Sonoma County that are going to engender those characteristics into the wine.

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Donelan Wax-Topped Bottles: are they that easy to open? Yes!

We enjoy the refined and elegant appearance of our wax-topped Donelan Syrah, Pinot Noir, or Grenache, but we don’t want you to be intimidated to open them.  Wine Director Gianpaolo Paterlini of Acquerello Restaurant in SF makes a guest appearance to show how easy it is!

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Donelan Video: The virtues of Obsidian Vineyard Syrah from Donelan Wines

  Obsidian Vineyard Syrah wine is produced from one of the most unique terroirs we cultivate.  Learn a little more about the vineyard and the wine with this description from winemaker Tyler Thomas.  Obsidian sells through fast so be sure to join our community to find out more.

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The Purple Hands of Donelan Wines

It takes a lot of hand work to make great wine. Excellent vineyards, sensible decisions, time, cuts, and bruises all help deliver that Donelan goodness.  As a new season begins to enter full swing we offer this reflection on the purple hands that handled the 2011 vintage. Enjoy! Music with permission of New Jerusalem Music

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Wind and Wine: how breezes make the Obsidian Syrah Terroir

  We have noted previously how we identify great sites for making terrific wine.  One important element in this land of sunshine and dry weather?  Wind.  For many decades it was difficult for vine researchers to distinguish the impact of sun vs. heat.  You see, a dark grape receiving direct sunlight in the middle of […]

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Donelan Video: Venus White Rhone Blend, Roussanne and Viognier

  It is Spring!  And there is no time better than now to begin drinking the Donelan Venus Roussanne in earnest.  The 2010 was just released, please enjoy this description from our winemaker Tyler Thomas of how Venus is produced and click here to find out more.

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Video: Meet Joe Donelan founder of Donelan Family Wines

Joe Donelan embarked in the wine business because he loves people and wine. Learn more about his passion and our journey as Donelan Family Wines and please join our community of fans today.

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