2015 Genevieve's Block


We get most excited about the vineyards that produce the most engaging wines – that combine spice and fruit or intense freshness with indulgent richness. In other words, we love balance but also nuance, and revel in opportunities to work with wines that totally captivate the senses on all levels. The 2015 Genevieve’s Block Chardonnay is such a wine, capturing the true soul of the vineyard. The Genevieve’s Block is extremely enticing for its ability to be both bold and rich, with an electric palate that is mouthwatering and showing every indication of strong ageing potential.
Growing conditions in 2015 were highly favorable for this vineyard. Without late-season rain, the fruit achieved optimum flavor and freshness. Fermented in choice barrels that promote complex flavors, the nose is dominated by chai and baking spices, crème-brulée, butterscotch, almonds, and apple-pie flavors that move seamlessly through the palate as well, with beautiful salinity in the finish that goes and goes.

Instead of locking this precious gem away in a secure vault, we are excited to share this jewel of a wine with all of those who are interested in trying something truly special or seeking a very elegant white wine to adorn their table this holiday season.

169 cases produced

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Chardonnay Chardonnay

Robert Parker