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Donelan grapevine flowering: how spring impacts the way your wine tastes.

  This Spring in the vineyards is springing with incredible alacrity.  It now seems it will not be long before we’ll be sampling vineyards of Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah!  We’ve written of bud break, and the next major development in grapevines related to harvest and wine is flowering. Very simply flowering is the period […]

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Consistent Wine Excellence: an event with Nantucket’s American Seasons

  As a winemaker, having multiple ridiculously fantastic dinners each year is as much a part of the job as bringing in grapes each Fall.  American Seasons in Nantucket has provided more than their share of wonderful food experiences in my tenure as winemaker at Donelan Wines.  During the 2013 Nantucket Wine Festival we are […]

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2013 vintage well on its way, stage set for great wine quality!

  Here we go again.  The seasonality of producing wine is one of its most attractive elements.  As a former Donelan intern once said “it’s a grape’s world and we’re just living in it.”  Buds have broken, shoots and leaves are extending (at great speed with this heat!), and another vintage is on its way.  […]

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