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This Just In: High Praise from The Wine Advocate and Robert Parker

In the most recent issue of The Wine Advocate, Robert Parker spoke highly of our 2013 and 2014 wines and we wanted to summarize his comments for your perusal here. It can be so gratifying to feel as though our wines convey what we want them to. In blending trials and team tastings – whether […]

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This Just In: Kind Words from Vinous & Antonio Galloni

As with every aspect of winemaking, there is a life cycle to what we’re working on. The growing season, the ageing process, the bottling rituals – each of our many and varied tasks has a time and place in the year. By the same token, every year around this time, we share our wines with […]

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The House Palate Prevention Program

Call it the House Palate Prevention Program, call it the Palate Road Trip, call it the Donelan Wines Big Day Out. Call it a crisp fall day, post harvest, young wines entering the quiet stage, finishing slowly in barrel, and aging wines moving towards completion to be bottled next year. This time of year is […]

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This Ship Has Sailed

One, you’re writing about the magic of the first fruit, the next, you’re writing about the inevitable: this harvest’s ship has sailed. After a year of planning and months of preparation, the 2015 harvest is over – a mere 43 days from start to finish. 43 days sounds like a long time, but in harvest […]

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The Magic of the First Fruit

There’s nothing like the magic of the first fruit. By the end of harvest, fruit pulling up outside the winery produces a double-edged-sword kind of feeling. Each pick brings a new chance to make an amazing wine, to learn, to contribute, to leave a mark on the vintage and to let the vintage leave a […]

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