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Crushed Chronicles – Notes from the Interns: cleaning tanks.

Think you want to work a harvest?  Want to find out what that really means?  Follow our intern, Sarah Green, as she chronicles her experience as a first time cellar rat.  This entry highlights the primary task of any newbie: cleaning tanks. It’s not so different from school. You start to get the hang of […]

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Should wine producers make wine for a critic’s palate? High alcohol wine commentary.

This past year has seen many discussions on alcohol levels in wine and there has been ample criticism of “high alcohol” wines perceived to have been made to suit Robert Parker’s palate (among others’).  It strikes me that some have argued tacitly (if not explicitly) that wine OUGHT NOT to be made to suit so-in-so’s […]

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Get to know Donelan Wines winemaker Tyler Thomas

Thanks to NY Vintners for the time earlier this year to introduce people to our winemaker Tyler Thomas.  If you don’t love the content, you have to love the hair.

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From Our Winery To Your Doorstep

Since 2000 we have cultivated a relationship with our customers not only through the end product derived from meticulous sourcing of grapes and artisan winemaking but also by assisting you with the selection of our top scoring wines to suit your palate. To get started on your journey with Donelan Wines we recommend you speak […]

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Use your nose to appreciate wine…and life!

How much you are using your nose?  Sure you’re breathing, but how often do you notice the aromas you encounter on a daily basis?  In the book Aroma: the cultural history of smell the authors make a compelling case that we have lost an appreciation for aromas in the West.  We’ve become a de-odorized culture.  […]

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Single Vineyard Wines and Blends: is one better than another?

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Donelan Wine Musings

Welcome to Donelan Wine Musings.  Where we opine about our life as a small Boutique Wine producer from Sonoma County making Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Grenache, and Roussanne.  We pursue quality, we pursue terroir, we pursue passion.  We travel, we eat, we live, and we are willing to share.  Join our journey. Stay tuned. Tyler […]

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